Tamil actress Ishaara Nair accuses director of sexual harassment

Tamil actress Ishaara Nair , who shot to fame with ‘Sathurnaga Vettai’ accused director Kevin Joseph of sexual harassment. However, director Joseph denied any such sexual harassment and stated that there is no such vulgarity in the film ‘Engada Irundheenga Ivvalavu Naala’ .

Two days back, Ishaara Nair’s producer has filed a complaint that Ishaara Nair did not turn up for the shooting. Today, the actress reported that she was sexual harassed by Kevin Joseph.

In her complaint, she said that she is unhappy with how Kevin Joseph treated her. He reportedly addressed her as 'va dee, po dee' which is considered impolite in Tamil.

She further added that he asked her to vulgar scenes and touched her inappropriately while explaining a scene in front of all.

Speaking to a daily, Ishaara said, “I cannot even explain how vulgar it was. He was trying to touch ...

Kevin, however, denied all the allegations and claimed that there is no vulgarity in the film and he did not disrespect her. He added that Ishaara Nair might misunderstand him when he asked to act sensually in a particular scene.

About calling the actress 'va dee, po dee', the director clarified that he used to call her "vaa dee" and "po dee" on the sets but added that it was because he was brought up in Nagercoil where people talk to each other in such a way.

He further requested Ishaara Nair to complete the shoot and said that she is free to bring people on the set if she feels unsafe.

She has been signed for Rs 4 lakh and Ishaara was already paid Rs 75,000 as advance.