'Talaash' slows down JTHJ and SOS collection

Talaash” was expected to make an impact on the audiences as it was an Aamir Khan film and it did so. The film has got its share of praise and approval, along with some criticism. The film has Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor and therefore was sure to grasp the interest of the viewers.

The film was the next big release after “Jab Tak Hain Jaan” and “Son of Sardar”, which released only two weeks before it. This has also been the first time in a long gap that an Aamir Khan film released on a work-day.

Aamir had also said previously in an interview that Talaash was a risky film to do as it would appeal to only a select audience. He had said, “Talaash is not a universal film. There is a supernatural element in this film and it was a risky film to make. Around 80 to 90 per cent of the audience liked the film.” Despite so many things going against the film, it has managed to do well.

The film had a slow start at the box-office managing to bring home a mere 13 crore (considering the film only had A-listers). But as the next two days were weekend, the proceeds picked up. Saturday the footfalls increased gaining a profit of a 15.5 crore and on Sunday it increased to 17.85 crore. The total that the film has collected till now is 46 crore.

The good news for the “Talaash” makers is that the sales of “Son of Sardar” and “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” have dropped after its release. “Talaash” is now doing very well in some of the single screens in the metros and the multiplexes.

A source who is a trade analyst has said, “Aamir is seen as a messiah for the multiplexes just like some other heroes are seen as single-screen heroes.”

A producer named Aman Gill said, “Talaash got off to a good start. The fact that an Aamir flick is in theatres after such a long gap makes it even more special.”

This is the first week for “Talaash” which has brought to halt the 20-day marathon run of “Son of Sardar” and “Jab Tak hai Jaan”. The two films are now registering very less footfalls at the theatres after “Talaash” has hit screens.

It will be a wait to see if “Talaash” can beat “JTHJ” and “SOS” at the box-office collections.