Taj Brawl case: Saif Ali Khan, NRI businessman heads for mediation

In the latest development, Saif Ali Khan and NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma has agreed for mediation in the Taj brawl case. A magistrate's court on Thursday suggested for the new route to mediation in the 2012 Taj brawl case. The case will be heard on July 27th and both parties involved in the brawl have to be present.

"On that day if the parties decide that they do not want to reach a settlement, then the matter will have to go to trial," public prosecutor Waajid Shaikh said.

Saif Ali Khan was present in the courtroom while two other accused, Shakeel Ladak and Bilal Amrohi, remained absent.

"The advocates of the two others have also consented to the mediation," public prosecutor Shaikh said. " The complainant, NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma, was not present because of some business commitments."

The brawl took place on February 22, 2012, when Khan, along with his family and friends Ladak and Amrohi, was dining at a five-star hotel. Khan got physical with the Iqbal Sharma, an NRI businessman who was also dining with his family at the same restaurant. Khan lost his cool and punched Iqbal on his nose which caused fracture. Khan allegedly threatened his father-in-law, Raman Patel.

The actor maintained that Iqbal Sharma made abusive remarks about the ladies accompanying him, which leads to the ruckus.

"The mediation can be either conditional or unconditional," he said. "The former could involve a settlement reached with conditions of compensation or apology or both."