Taimur is a giving boy, Kareena Kapoor on second pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant with her second child and she opened about her second pregnancy. She revealed about Taimur’s reaction and many more.  

In an interview with Anupama Chopra, Kareena revealed how Taimur reacted to the news of becoming a big brother. Kareena revealed that Taimur is all ready to have a sibling as he is a 'giving boy'. She was quoted saying, "He is figuring out things. He is very ahead of his age. We never treated him like a kid. We treat him like an equal and adult. He is a giving boy and that he is ready."

She also added that unlike the first one, her second pregnancy is going to be different. Bebo revealed that she is going to focus on being healthy and fit and not binge-eat. She mentioned that during her first pregnancy she put on almost 25 kilos as she ate a lot as per people's recommendations but this time it's not going to be so. Kareena shared, "Last time, I just took myself for granted and became huge. I put on 25 Kgs. I don’t want to do that. I just want to be healthy and fit. I think the first time, it's just excitement. Everyone’s like parathe khao, ghee khao, doodh piyo, besan ka laddoos are coming. And now, I’m like listen I have done it before, I know what my body requires. My doctor’s like ‘listen you are not eating for two, that is just a myth. Just be healthy and be safe.’ And that is what I am trying to do."

Announcing second child good news, Saifeena wrote, "We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting an addition to our family. Thank you to all our well-wishers for all their love and support”.

Randhir Kapoor also expressed his joy, "I hope it's true and if so, I would be very happy. Do bachche toh hone chahiye to give each other company." Now, in a conversation with ET Times, the elated grandfather expressed his happiness and said, "I am absolutely delighted, I have been telling Kareena for so long that Taimur needs a brother or sister to play with. We are all very happy and we pray, it's a healthy, happy child."