Tabassum discharged from hospital after recovers from Covid-19

Veteran actor Tabassum got discharged from hospital after recovered from Covid-19.

Hoshang Govil confirmed to that his mother was admitted to a city hospital eight-nine days ago after she tested positive for Covid-19. “She wasn’t feeling well and her blood pressure was a bit high so, we got her tested for COVID-19 and it turned out she was positive. But she wasn’t severely affected. She was asymptomatic. Still to be on a safer side, we got her admitted,” he said.

Govil added his mother has tested negative on Monday “and should most probably get discharged today or tomorrow.”

Tabassum’s son dismissed the rumour of his mother suffering from Alzheimer. The rumour started doing the round on social media after a weak looking Tabassum shared on ner.

“I am disgusted that people can spread her picture and start a rumour that she has Alzheimer’s. This is absolutely fake. She has got no heart disease, no diabetes. Once she’s back, she is going to release a message for her fans,” said Hoshang.