‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’ writer Abhishek Makwana commits suicide

Tragic news from ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’ team. The writer of SAB TV’s popular comic show, Abhishek Makwana died by suicide. His body was recovered from his home in Kandivali, Mumbai. Police filed a case of accidental death on November 27.

In a suicide note, Abhishek Makwana mentioned ‘financial troubles’ as the reason behind the extreme step. The letter was written in Gujarati and police recovered it from the spot.

Revealing details about the note, a police official told Mumbai Mirror, “It spoke about difficulties in his personal life as well as financial troubles that he had been facing over the past many months. Apologising to his family, Abhishek said he tried his best to fight the circumstances but he can’t do it any longer as the problems are only increasing.”

Jenis Makwana mourned the demise of his brother on Facebook, he wrote, “What should I write?? My Writer went away and left me alone!! U cheated me…u ditched me…why did u do this?? Why you left me alone…?? Why?? Who will hug me now?? Whom I will call my Bro, now?? Who will call me Big B now?? Why, why…u left us all alone…., why?? Wherever u b now, be happy and be free, the way u always wanted to be!!”

Family suspects he was a victim of cyber fraud and blackmail.

The family also claimed that they have been receiving threatening phone calls, asking them to pay back the loans that Abhishek had allegedly taken from them.

The writer’s brother Jenis said, “I checked my brother’s mails because ever since he passed away, I got multiple phone calls from different numbers demanding to be paid back loans he owed someone. One call was a number registered in Bangladesh, one in Myanmar and others were from different states of India.”

Jenis added, “From what I understood from the email records, my brother first took a small loan from one of the ‘easy loan’ apps that charge a very high rate of interest. I looked at the transactions between them and my brother closely after that. I noticed that they kept sending small amounts despite my brother not applying for the loans. Their interest rates are as high as 30%.”

Investigation is underway.