Sylvester Stallone sued for ‘stealing’ show idea

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone has been slapped with a USD 7 million lawsuit for allegedly “stealing” idea for his reality show ‘Strong’. The show which was launched in April is basically a competition among physical trainers who’ll work on helping their trainees to improve their fitness, including other activities.

A personal trainer named Robert Fletcher has claimed that he created a show called ‘America's Next Great Trainer’ and shopped it around Hollywood two years ago, celebrity news portal TMZ reported.

Robert allegedly sent his pitch material to Stallone's publicist and also to his agents at William Morris Endeavor. He also claimed that the ‘Rambo’ star and his group even snatched one of the trainers, Todd Durkin, who had signed up to be a part of ‘America's Next Great Trainer’. The documents filed in court on June 10 included a signed agreement with the California-based conditioning coach Todd Durkin to host the show.

After Durkin signed Stallone’s show, he cut off all communication with Robert last year before suddenly resurfacing with his appearance in ‘Strong’, Robert alleged. He further claimed that he had also sent producer David Broome marketing materials for the show.

The reality TV series, co-produced by Broome and Stallone, airs on NBC on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

The show features 10 male and 10 female trainers as they compete in martial arts, strength training and boxing, which the New York based trainer claimed to be an exact copy of his idea for ‘America's Next Great Trainer’.