Suzanne-Mehr’s friendship ends due to Arjun-Suzanne’s affair

According to a report published in leading daily, thick friends Mehr Jessia and Suzanne Khan are no longer in talking terms and it is all due to Suzanne’s alleged affair with actor and Mehr’s husband Arjun Rampal. According to a report published, Mehr has sensed something wrong between them and she cut all ties with her best friend Suzanne.

“However, a star wife close to all three told us that the drama had taken a turn. About two months ago, Mehr apparently found that out that despite their repeated denials, the friendship between Arjun and Sussanne ran deeper. The two allegedly travelled overseas during the same period and when abroad, they spent quality time with each other,” the report says.

The report adds, “Obviously, Mehr, who was left holding the babies, didn't take this well. She reportedly confronted both parties. While Sussanne and Arjun once again maintained that there was nothing to it, according to a model friend of Mehr's, this time around, she was apparently in no mood to play along.”

Highly miffed with the wrong report published on a leading daily, the three of them Arjun Rampal, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan individually issued a statement slamming the fabricated story.

The report also says Arjun has been staying in a hotel for a few days, while Mehr stayed home with their two daughters Mahika and Myra.  

Disgusted Hrithik Roshan tweeted, If u people knew hw much false news is printed, d papers wud actually stop selling. I am disgusted 2day..But powerful good people know how 2walk their truth no matter what...

Highly miffed Arjun slammed media, He tweeted, “Who are these faceless accusers? If you have the guts reveal them first. Stay away from me and my family.”