Suzanne Khan patches up with rumoured beau Arjun Rampal

Suzanne Khan extended an olive branch to Arjun Rampal by liking his upcoming film, ‘Daddy’ poster. Suzanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia were the best of buddies. They used to party together, goes for vacation etc but barrier started to create among them when Arjun and Suzanne’s alleged love affirm was reported to be the prime reason of Hrithik and Suzanne’s divorce.

Rumour surfaced on media that Suzanne’s extra-marital affair with Arjun spoiled her marriage with Hrithik and both headed for divorce.  

Later, Suzanne stopped the gossip mongers by issuing a joint interview with Mehr had earlier clarified, "Mehr and Arjun are like family to me and we have this beautiful relationship and are so close. They have been with me through thick and thin and it hurts me that every time I have a dinner or an outing with them, it is made out to be an ugly story, and it's concocted and changed around to suit some nasty person to make us look like undignified, irresponsible and horrible people. We kept saying to ourselves, we know what we are, let it go, but it kept going on and on and on."

However, the rumours didn’t stop, Suzanne’s closeness with Arjun also created trouble in Arun and Mehr’s paradise.

Suzanne’s liking the poster of ‘Daddy’ has started a new friendship between Arjun and Suzanne.