Suzanne-Hrithik divorce: Kids to be with Suzanne, alimony in talk

On Monday night, Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan flew down to Mumbai from Florida after attending IIFA and on Wednesday morning around 10:30 am he was spotted with his estranged wife Suzanne Khan outside Bandra family court where the couple has filed for divorce on mutual consent. According to reports, Hrithik and Suzanne’s two children Hrehaan and Hridhaan will remain under Suzanne’s custody and yes alimony is being discussed.

According to a statement issued by Hrithik Roshan in December, 2013, it was Suzanne’s decision to part ways with him. Industry is shocked with the couple’s decision as how after 17 years of happy married life, they have called off their relationship.

Lawyer Dipesh Mehta of the couple divulged a few details. He said, “I am representing both Hrithik and Sussanne; they have filed for divorce by mutual consent. The counsellor has submitted the report and the next hearing will take place on October 31. The custody of their kids, Hrehaan and Hridaan, has been awarded to Sussanne.”

With the couple filing for divorce, speculation about their reconciliation has been put to rest. Says a source close to the couple, “As their friends, we support their decision, but we had hoped that things would end differently. The kids will now be with Sussanne and Hrithik did not object to this. In fact, no allegations have been made by either party. The divorce is expected to come through by October end.”

"If they don't change their minds by then, the divorce will be granted the same day," their lawyer added.

A local Mumbai-based tabloid Mumbai Mirror quoted a court official saying “The divorce should come through in six months. Since it is by mutual consent, no hiccups are expected”.

However, over these months Hrithik has tried his level best to woo over Suzanne again but his wife remained unaffected. Hrithik tried to patch up with Suzanne through Suzanne’s father and veteran actor Sanjay Khan and her sisters.