I am Suzanne Roshan, not a Khan, claims Suzanne

Suzanne is a mother, entrepreneur but not a wife of anyone as she used to be for 13 long years. Suzanne broke-up with husband and superhero Hrithik Roshan in December last year and moved on with her two children Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Though separated Suzanne refuses to cut Roshan from her name and said that she is still Suzanne Roshan.

When she was asked by what name is she going by these days. She surprised all with her answer, “Sussanne Roshan, of course." Post break-up, she totally soaked herself into her work did not let the trauma of break-up to haunt her and break her morale. She is totally involved in her charcoal Project, designing the luxury villas in Goa and a pop-up store Bandra 190. Sussanne has been working roud the clock but says she's "at peace".

Suzanne justifies her separation from Hrithik, "The important thing is knowing that you are not doing anything wrong," Sussanne confesses, "Just because two people are not together doesn't mean that they have a bad relationship. Whether it is as an entrepreneur, as a mother or as an ex, you have to be true to yourself."

In fact, Hrithik and Sussanne are perfect parents to their children and together celebrated birthday of their son. Hrehaan. It was a garden party and Suzanne made all the arrangements.

She admits that it's Naira, the seven-star villa project in Goa, that she's most occupied with. "We are doing the architecture, concept, interiors... everything. The villas will be ready by 2016," she reveals. She is all set to launch The Charcoal Project in Pune on May 9. "The 13,000 sq ft mother branch is in Andheri and the baby branch is in Bandra." It's a set of diaries that helps Sussanne keep track of her life.

"From the time I wake up, to dropping my kids to school and the things taken care of in office, I write it all down and stick to it. I have an eccentric pattern to managing my time," says the mother to two boys.