Suzanne and I aren’t trying to set any example, Hrithik Roshan

Post divorce, Hrithik Roshan is on a friendly terms with his ex-wife Suzanne Khan. The ex-couple is often spotted spending quality time together and fueled the speculation that they are planning to reunite but the 43-year-old actor said, “Sussanne and I are not trying to set any example. This is how we are. This is the kind of person I am and I don’t think I can have anything that is not peaceful. Relationships should be healthy, mutually beneficial and adding growth to both the parties.”

The ‘Kaabil’ actor said that he hunted for peace in every situation. “I’m not dependent on another person, be it a friend or family or Sussanne, to have similar thoughts as me. I’m a peaceful person. The other person’s opinion or intentions don’t matter because whatever the case is, I’m the one who seeks peace and I’ll make sure it stays like that”, he quips.

Hrithik clears the air that he is not even thinking about remarriage.

“I am happy and fulfilled. I am surrounded by love, and I am creatively satisfied. I don’t think there is anything I miss right now. Marriage or companionship happens when you find someone special. Also, marriage is a consequence, not a plan. So, you can’t plan to get married,” says Hrithik.

Hrithik says he loves to spend time with his kids.

“Every actor is busy, but you need to have your priorities sorted and assign time. I love spending time with my kids and we have been doing this (taking vacations) since they’ve been old enough to travel. Our vacations are hard work. There is no time to laze and sleep in the afternoons. The trips are all about overcoming fears,” says Hrithik.

On the work front, the hunk is basking in the joy of ‘Kaabil’ success.