Sussanne’s life after seperation with Hrithik Roshan

After actor Hrithik Roshan and wife Sussanne announced their decision to part ways, the two have moved on. Sussanne seems to have accepted her new life without hubby Hrithik Roshan. The attractive lady was spotted partying with her friends in Bandra, Mumbai, recently and had a new tattoo on her forearm. Hrithik and Sussanne had matching star tattoos on their right wrists. This was a symbol of their love and union.

But, now Sussanne’s star is followed by a writing which stopped a little below the elbow. Some shutterbugs clicked the tattoo when she arrived at a party with her friends. Unfortunately, it could not be made out what exactly had been written. Only, the initial two words were visible: ‘Follow your’.

Although it was not quite clear what the tattoo actually said and who she was following, maybe she was just following her heart after her split with husband Hrithik.

The childhood sweethearts, Hrithik and Sussanne, announced their breakup via social-networking websites on December 13, last year.

After her split, Sussanne, a mother of two and a very talented interior designer, in an interview to a daily, had said, “My kids are my energy. They have a very strong sense of design in them already at this age and they love to see me work.”

She also said that elder son, Hrehaan, was like Hrithik. He was extremely intelligent, she said, and was brilliant with calculations. But he was a very quiet boy and inquisitive, too. She spoke about her five-year-old Hridhaan, as well. “Hridhaan is just like me. He is a very happy-go-lucky, fun child and doesn’t complain about anything. He is always smiling and is a complete rock star.”

And, after 17 years of a relationship and marriage with Hrithik, she had felt that life without him would take time getting used to. But she, definitely, had a very positive outlook which reflected in her work.

It was reported that the interior designer inaugurated her store with her partners immediately after her break-up, and also took her children for a New Year’s vacation.

Meanwhile, media reports say that Hrithik has been busy shooting for the film, ‘Bang Bang’, with Katrina Kaif. It was also said in the media that Hrithik was taking his time to deal with the separation and had found a good friend in Katrina who was helping him come out of his depression.