Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen’s marriage with Charu Asopa in trouble

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen’s wedding with Charu Asopa run into troubled waters. For quite sometime, the reports of Rajeev and Charu’s troubled marriage have been doing the round on net. Amid separation rumours, the couple has deleted images featuring both from their Instagram profiles. Their wedding pictures are also deleted. It is also learnt that Charu has dropped Rajeev’s urname as well from her profile.

A source close to the couple told BT that they were having serious compatibility issue. “Charu and Rajeev had serious compatibility issues right from the beginning. Things finally came to a head and Rajeev left for Delhi. The two have not been in touch since then. While Charu has dropped his surname on social media, he has blocked her from all channels of communication."

However, Rajeev has reportedly clarified that he is in Delhi for work and all is well between them. Rajeev had told SpotboyE: "Just because I am in Delhi for my work, people are thinking that we have had a fight and are no more together - what a funny world we live in."

On June last year, Rajeev and Charu entered into wedlock in Goa. Sushmita and her boyfriend Rohman Shawl actively took part in the wedding.

The couple was trolled during lockdown for sharing intimate photos. While speaking to ETimes TV exclusively, Charu shared how she fought with Rajeev after they were trolled. She said, "We don’t discuss before posting any pic. We share whatever we feel like. Later we realise ‘arre hum toh troll ho gaye’. Then I told Rajeev 'maine mana kiya tha even then you posted.' See now we got trolled. We fought a bit too and then all was ok."