Sushmita Sen unmasks Salman Khan

<a href='//' title='Sushmita Sen' class='article_display_tag' data-id='sushmita-sen' id='article_tag_data_sushmita-sen' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Sushmita Sen</strong></a>She is beautiful, he is brawny. She is the stunning diva; he leads the brat pack of Bollywood. If she is mesmerizing, you can't debate on the original muscle-man. She lives life queen-size; he has a lion's heart
The paparazzi never looses its fascination for the controversy Khan. While they nailed him for the black buck incident, the whiplash wasn't too far when he mowed down people in the drunken driving incident. But off late the media & macho man seem to have called it truce. The shutterbugs love every move the 40 year old makes. Be it helping a stranger or his charity causes, the flashbulbs are 'loving it!'
This kind of blurs the real Salman. So we got his best bud, Sushmita Sen to unmask the enigma for you. God, bad, misunderstood, mischief maker, girlfriend beater...will the real Salman please stand up?

Sushmita uncovers the Khan for you… (as if he needed any more of that)

Lucky you, read on…

Mr. Misunderstood

“He just doesn't feel the need to clear himself”

“Let me start with what has defined Salman, his absolute disregard to clarify himself. This is very characteristic of Salman. When he does something, he believes that he doesn't have to extend an explanation or justification to support it. We will offer you no reason for what he did. Even if it releases him of the trouble or bad name, he sees no point in justifying his stand” Sushmita explains. I once asked him, why he did that and he said, “If you have to explain yourself, then the relationship has nothing going for it” I left it at that.

The Rock

“Salman is fiercely possessive about his family”

“Oh, I can go on and on about him as a family guy. Salman is singularly the most dependable family member one can ask for. I call him the rock. He puts everyone before him. He is extremely selfless when it comes to family & friends. Its one thing to have a family and quite another thing to have their respect and Salman has that. And yes, before you ask me, let me confess that he is fiercely possessive about his family. But that streak of possessiveness creeps in only when there is abundant love and caring.”

Hero No.1

He told David, “Chemistry is between people, not heights”

“With every other actor in the industry, there is some amount of insecurity that he brings. But take it from me, Salman is different. He is the only actor in the Bollywood who looks me in the eye confidently” she heaps praise. “I must tell you of this time when we shot for Biwi No.1. David Dhawan kept insisting that I take off my stilettos because the height difference wasn't complimentary on screen. But guess what, Salman asked me to keep it on. He told David, 'Sirji, chemistry logon ke beech hoti hain, naki height ke beech' That is how secure that man is. They don't make like him any more” she sighs.

The Survivor

“You will never catch Salman complain or crib”

“He has been through hell in his personal and professional life. But like the tough guy image he has, he takes all the blows on his chin and wades through dangerous waters. There are times when he doesn't even share his problems. The best thing about the hunk is that he has a heart that believes that people are going through far worse than what he is. You will never catch him magnify or blow up his problems. Salman doesn't know what it is to complain or crib. He has amazing steel in him.”

My 4 am friend

“He pooped his party and stayed by Renee all night!”

“If he believes in you, then the guy will take on the world for you, an absolute blessing as a friend. I will never forget what he did for Renee. One night, she took ill. It was 2 in the morning and the fever wasn't showing any signs of falling. I wanted to take her to the Doc but my chauffer wasn't in for duty. Just then, the phone rang and it was Salman asking me to join him at Lobby Bar for a party. When I told him the scene back home, he hung up on me and showed up at my apartment in 15 minutes flat with a doctor in toe! He pooped his party and stayed up all night with Renee! That's Salman for you.”

Macho turns Mellow

“Oh, sure, everybody does, Salman has mellowed too. He has gotten in touch with the softer side of him which always existed. He has learnt not to react to everything. What I particularly like is, he has got a lot more discreet about things. He now first thinks and then shoots…”

“You want to have a relation with Salman? Poor you!”

“This is what I tell girls looking for romance with the Khan. As a friend…? I would recommend him to every single girl in town but want luv-shuv, then you gotta be careful women. Whenever I meet Katrina, I tell her, 'Poor you!' and we both break into a giggle.”

“Put all these pieces together and there, you have Salman Khan! I always tell people, 'If you are able to see Salman from my eyes, then you'll see no wrong in him. There are no 'ifs' and 'buts' to this man, he lives it from the heart. And that's why I call him, jaan!”

Courtesy: Indiafm