Sushant, Swastika share the longest kiss in 'Detective Byomkesh Bakshi'

Sushant Singh Rajput and his co-star Swastika Mukherjee is involved in a longest Bollywood kiss in the upcoming film of Dibarkar Banerjee  'Detective Byomkesh Bakshi'. To capture the natural look of Sushant, Dibakar did not inform Sushant about the length of the lip-lock and when Swastika pull the kiss to a longer period then he showed little dissatisfaction at the end but later he understood the situation and had a laugh over the scene.

Sushant has kissed his co-star previously in his movies but this one is going to be the longest kiss in Bollywood history. Talking about this scene, the director said, "The scene was more than the kiss. It was about deception, intrigue and murder, and I needed that something extra... that element of surprise that throws everyone off. But we had over-rehearsed it. The takes ended up being just like the rehearsals... there was no surprise! After six takes, eight takes, it was still the same. I was worried, and then it struck me. I took Swastika aside and told her, 'Kiss him before he can say anything - and we won't tell him. Throw him off guard'”.

“Sushant is a highly prepared actor. He does NOT like surprises sprung at him. We started shooting the scene as rehearsed, and then she did it. Kissed him on the lips, no holding back. The set froze, Sushant froze and then he recovered. The scene after that was highly electric because both of them were now watching each other warily not knowing what the other would do and that mistrust, suspicion and tension worked", he added.

Banerjee further said, "Once I called cut, Sushant didn't mince his words and expressed his displeasure. But when he saw the shot, his good humour returned. But for a moment we all had our hearts in our mouth."

The story is about Byomkesh’s first adventure after college, where he pitted himself against an evil mastermind who is out to destroy the world.

Presented under the banner of Yash Raj Films, the film is slated to hit theatres in February, 2015.

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