Sushant Singh Rajput cleared house help’s dues 3 days before suicide

Three days before taking the drastic step, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput cleared all the dues of his house help. While paying them, the late  he won't be able to take care of them anymore due to financial reasons.

The Mid Day report stated, "Aapne humara humesha dhyaan rakha hai, aap aise mat boliye, humlog kuchh na kuchh kar lenge. (You have always taken care of us. Don't say such things. We will do something)." 

Sushant's manager also told something similar to the Bandra police. He had revealed how the late actor paid his dues three days before his death. A source close to the late actor said Mid Day that he was facing financial troubles because he had lost a couple of projects lately.

"He was about to get a contract worth R14 crore for a web series with the help of his former manager, Disha Salian, who also committed suicide on June 8," said the source.

Mumbai police has filed case against eight influential people of Bollywood for bullying Sushant and creating trouble in his career. 

A police officer stated that Sushant Singh Rajput had a conversation with Disha Salian twice in March about some project. Depression dragged the actor to take such drastic step. "As per our investigation, Salian and Rajput spoke to each other twice in March on WhatsApp regarding some project. After that, there was no conversation between them," revealed the cop to the tabloid.