Sush gets intimate with ex-beau

To everyone's surprise, sultry actress Sushmita Sen hugged, casted pecks of kisses, leaned on ex-beau's shoulder and sharing sweet nothings on the occasion of Bombay Times' 14th anniversary. Sush who parted away with beau Randeep Hooda sometimes back gelled quite well with him. Dressed in the style of late sixties and seventies with plain white hair band, penciled eyebrows and enormous fake eyelashes, Sush and Randeep bonded in such a way that they had never drifted apart. 

Onlookers were surprised to witness how Sushmita hugged Randeep and kissed him as he walked in. The way she leaned on his shoulder while sharing sweet nothings has left all in wondrous mood. There was not a single moment of discomfort seen in their behavior. It’s a very rare view to witness two separated souls on the same bench. Their intimacy has caught the eyes of all the attendees on the occasion.

Time will say whether their closeness is a sign of beginning of an old relationship or it's just a formal courtesy. Anything can be expected from this flamboyant world of Bollywood.