Sunny not in L.O.C. - Kargil

Macho Deol not in LOCA lot of people wonder, why Sunny Deol, the star of Border , didnt act in JP Dutta's latest adventure LOC - Kargil. On interogation, BollywoodMantra's team found the answer to the million dollar question.

What went wrong between Sunny and JP?

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Sunny’s company Vijayta Films wanted a financial statement about the foreign exchange earnings they earned from the equipment they had used for JP’s production company. Since JP himself owned an export company he naturally wanted to use the FERA benefits for his own company and declined to give the required letter to the Deols.

Five years after the incident, Sunny still cannot forgive nor forget.

Hurt by Sunny’s unwarranted outburst, JP shrugs off the incident. "Calling someone a liar isn’t the best way to keep a friendship going. What’s Sunny talking about? Thank God I wasn’t the one who withdrew the hand of friendship first. Now, Sunny has taken me on headlong. I guess he feels that everyone is expendable now."

Sunny says JP didn’t approach Sunny for LoC because he didn’t "dare" to. JP replies, "Sunny was never considered for any role in LoC. I’ve done three films with him. That’s more than enough. When I was shooting for Refugee, Sunny called me up thrice to invite me for the premiere of Dillagi. Had he forgotten about his grievances then?"