Photo: Sunny Leone undressed at a nightclub

Former porn star Sunny Leone’s past came haunting her recently with news of a hoax video that went viral on April 28. According to reports, Sunny had performed a striptease at a private party in Pune for an enormous fee.

The news along with the video stated that the party was held on April 18. According to reports, the ‘baby doll’, star who was being praised for her ‘Ragini MMS 2’ hit song till last week, had hit headlines alleging that she had earned a huge amount of money. Pictures and videos of her strip tease performance were posted to confirm the news that had gone viral.

Reportedly, soon after the news broke out, the former porn star took to social networking site Twitter and posted, “April 18 was shooting @ TinaNLolo and night was at @ Mayyurrgirotra store launch, please do some fact checking before printing lies.”

If Sunny’s claim is to be believed that she was busy with her professional commitments on April 18, it could be that the images that were posted were from her past when she used to work as a porn star in Canada or could just have been morphed, with easily available technology.

Some industry insiders claimed that the video may have been used as an attempt to throw Sunny’s plans at an image makeover off the track by some detractor.

After primary investigations it came out that the pictures that went viral were not part of the Diamond Traders’ party in Pune, but were in fact from some very old website, and were morphed.

Moreover, reports say, Pune rural police launched preliminary inquiries and found that no such establishment — hotel, resort or club, existed on the old Pune-Mumbai highway as was reported.

Sunny Leone’s husband, Daniel Weber, was quoted in the media as saying, “These pictures are not from April 18, as Sunny was busy with a shoot and later a store launch. They might have been put up by some old fan from an unknown website. Please check the facts and then publish such news. These pictures are also to some extent morphed, and could be from Sunny’s fan pages when she worked in a nightclub 10 years ago in the US.”

It is not yet clear what the truth is, but until further clarifications fans could believe Bollywood’s hot star Sunny Leone.