Sunny Leone narraowly escapes plane crash

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber narrowly escaped a fatal plane crash while they were travelling through Maharashtra. It was due to the bad weather that their plane almost crashed. Following which it had to make an emergency landing.

Sunny Leone tweeted about the horrific incident# “Private plane almost crashed through bad weather in Maharashtra! Thank God we are all alive. And now driving back to Mumbai!”

Sunny and her husband is safe and they are back home.

Not only Sunny Leone, but earlier today Shahrukh Khan’s plane also escaped dangerous accident while shooting for his untitled project with director Anand L Rai, but two crew members suffered injuries in the incident.

The accident happened when a portion of a ceiling collapsed on the sets in Mumbai’s Film City. It has been barely a week since the ‘Raees’ actor started shooting for the upcoming film. Luckily, Shah Rukh was sitting away from the spot and was saved this time round.