Sunny Leone turns red hot ‘Angel’ for ‘Splitsvilla’

The popular yet controversial reality show ‘Splitsvilla’ has found a new host for its seventh season. The host is none other than Bollywood bombshell Sunny Leone. The show’s official launch party was held recently and Sunny stole the show with her ‘angel’ act. She appeared on stage in a shiny red long gown and had a pair of wings on her back that looked like a heart. Everyone will agree that she was looking like an angel, a very beautiful angel that is.

The popularity of Sunny is rising steadily. She has several films in her hand both in Bollywood and in south. Now that she is part of a well known show like ‘Splitsvilla’, she will be getting even more exposure thanks to television. Many felt that Sunny with her bold image will perfectly be at home in such a show. The series is based on popular US reality dating show ‘Flavor of Love’. In the show a group of young girls and boys try to secure a place in the ‘Villa’ and has to complete tasks to stay in the competition and find ‘love’. The winner is a couple formed during the show. The show has plenty of drama with fights, backstabbing, friendship and love among the participants.

The poster for the new season is also out and it shows Sunny raising the ‘heat’ in a red skirt and gold blouse. On her association with ‘Splitsvilla 7’, Sunny Leone said, "I was always fascinated by the edgy content, the cool shows and always wanted to be a part of it. I am absolutely excited about working on the show and I know it's going to be a treat for me and my fans alike!"

Since its second season the show has frequently courted controversy. Many people feel that the show is ‘exploitative’ and portrays the contestants in poor light because of the actions that they undertake. After the show’s second season, some of the contestants have claimed that sexual favors are being exchanged between contestants and the important production team members, including the anchor. However the shows creative director Rajiv Laxman had stated, “I firmly disagree with these allegations. We have strict rules that prevent the mingling of the crew with the cast.” On the other hand Sunny Leone is perfectly playing up her ‘sexy’ image professionally. She has two sex comedy films in her hands and is also doing an action flick. But until the films are released, you can catch her in action in the small screen.