Sunny Leone Suffering from OCD

In a recent news involving Sunny Leone, it has been found that she is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). On the sets of the ‘Jism2’ she was seen quite often washing her feet.

A source close to the movie team was quoted as saying to a daily, "Sunny used to constantly clean her feet with water. At first it was surprising and we used to wonder what's wrong. Even while shooting indoor, she would keep washing her feet, sometimes every 15 to 20 minutes and in between every shot." He further added, "Every time the director took a break, she would go wash her feet. In fact, the entire crew of Jism 2 apparently started teasing her about the same."

Earlier it was learnt that Sunny had asked for the medical certificates for her co-actors Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh. She wanted to be sure that they do not have sexually transmitted disease (STD). However, director Pooja Bhatt, declined, as Pooja told her she will not have to do the intimate scenes that she does in her Industry.

‘Jism2’ is supposed release this Friday, August 3rd. Whether news like this will spice up the things or dampen the spirits of her fans is yet to be seen. The Bhatt camp though is quite ecstatic about the movie and have been releasing hot, sizzling trailers involving Sunny.

However there have been noted celebrities who were also affected by this strange disease. Cameron Daiz, is allergic to germs and other people “fluids”. She rubs doorknobs hard, so that they are clean, before she open the door. To prevent herself from germs she washes her hand, elbow and her room floor many times a day. Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, as a child was very fearful to step over cracks and other designated spots. He overcame that disorder when he was playing the role of Howard Hughes, in ‘The Aviator’. Hughes is the pioneer of modern day air craft and he also suffered from the same disease.

Not only celebrities, there are some other notable personalities as well. Charles Darwin, the naturalist, suffered from panic disorder, agoraphobia and hypochondria. Maybe this was the reason he gave detailed account of everything – from birds to animals that he recorded on daily basis.  

One can add inventor, Nikola Tesla to the list as well. He hated hair unless it was his own and was frantic on seeing jewelry.