Sunny Leone receives tips from Naseeruddin Shah

Sunny Leone is sharing screen space with veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah in upcoming movie ‘Jackpot’. The actress has received tips and suggestions from the senior actor.

For a newcomer, working with a senior noted actor is a dream come true and Sunny is no exception. She is getting to work with Naseeruddin Shah as her secretary in this movie.

In an interview, Sunny said, “He (Naseeruddin Shah) is very calm and reserved, but he gives suggestions, which is very nice.”

She added, “He is a lot of fun to work with. He is not really conversant, but when he gets onto laughing, it`s the best feeling.”

At the launch of the shooting of ‘Jackpot’, Sunny said to Naseeruddin, “If you have any advice for me whether it is good or bad, I will take it.” She then told, “Even if he tells me, You were horrible in the shot and you should try like this, I will not get offended.”

 ‘Jackpot’ is a Hindi movie directed by Kaizad Gustad. Kaizad earlier directed ‘Boom’ and a few other lesser known movies. Tamil actor Bharath Niwas will be debuting in Bollywood with this movie. Apart from him, Sachiin Joshi will also be seen in the movie.  Bharath tweeted, “Good morning friends ! Yes it’s true & I have started to shoot in Goa for my first Hindi debut titled  ‘JACKPOT’ ”

He further tweeted, “The crew includes Naseeruddin Shah sir, Sunny Leone, Sachiin Joshi along with Arthur zuwarski (BSC) on the camera! It’s a comedy thriller. Will update you guys more often and will get to be more active here ! Meanwhile my new look for the movie Jackpot#”

On the other hand, Sunny tweeted, “Loving Goa. At Curlies eating and relaxing"  'Early morning shooting in GOA, Love it here SUNRISE”

Talking about the story of the movie, actor Sachiin joshi said, “Our film is about three cons outwitting one another only to lose and win again. It is a smart game like the roulette where you don't know where the next move will take you.”

There were rumors of a hot threesome scene in the movie. Over this Sachiin said, “There is Naseer saab, me and Sunny in the lead. That is a threesome alright with the three of us matching our wits and that is all there is to it. But it is definitely not in the sense that gossip-tongues wag. It is a smart and sexy con-game, albeit with its comic moments. Jackpot will showcase Sunny the actor in her myriad shades.”