Sunny Leone, I will be happy to work with you: Aamir Khan

Perfectionist Aamir Khan came out in full support of porn star cum Bollywood actress Sunny Leone when she was asked some harsh questions about her past by CNN IBN anchor Bhupendra Chaubey. When Sunny was asked that while she would like to work with Aamir Khan, would Aamir Khan like to work with her.

Sunny replied that she is a huge fan of Aamir Khan and she doesn’t know whether Aamir would like to work with her but she definitely like to.

But here comes the good news for Sunny. When Aamir saw the interview, he not only praised Sunny but also expressed his desire to work with the actress no matter what she was and what was her background.

“I think Sunny conducted herself with a lot of grace and dignity in this interview. I wish I could have said the same about the interviewer. “And yes Sunny, I will be happy to work with you. I have absolutely no problems with your ‘past’, as the interviewer puts it. Stay blessed. Cheers. Aamir,” Aamir posted on his Facebook page.

Sunny acknowledged Aamir’s tweet and she thanked Aamir for the support: “I think my heart just dropped seeing this! Thank you so much for the support. It means the world and beyond to me.”

Chaubey threw some derogatory questions to Sunny which was slammed by many celebrities. He brought into forefront Sunny’s past and Sunny also replied with full confidence and said that she does not regret her past at all.

“Everything that I have done in my life has led me to this seat. Everything is a stepping stone… I met an agent, and when I saw these photos of these women, I didn’t think it is vulgar,” she said.

The anchor asked questions like: There are lots of married women who look at Sunny Leone as a threat to their husbands, do you not care about all this?

He also asked: A member of parliament, in his speeches, has held you responsible for corrupting Indian morality. How do you deal with that?

She was even asked: If Sunny Leone is becoming brand ambassador of New India, is that a dangerous trend to have?

The anchor didn’t stop there. He also asked Sunny if she is the reason behind the growing porn watchers in India.

“Since you have come to Indian cinema, the number of people watching porn has increased proportionately to the extent that we are now the world’s largest consumer of porn. Can you respond to that,” he asked.

However, Sunny Leone, who debuted in Bollywood with ‘Jism 2’, answered all the questions very calmly and with dignity. She was lauded for her stability.