Sunny Leone fake videos hit Kolkata market

Indo Canadian porn star Sunny Leone became an instant hit no sooner she landed in India and appeared on ‘Bigg Boss 5’. She has been signed by the Bhatt camp and very soon she will be seen in ‘Jism 2’. Crave for her porn videos, photos are so much that fake videos of Sunny have been sold like hot cakes in the shops of Kolkata.

With every passing day, her fantasy is making the people of Kolkata go crazy. CDs/DVDs of Sunny are in huge demands in the city. Vendors are making a huge profit out of Sunny Leone’s fake video.  

A vendor said, “Ever since she entered ‘Bigg Boss’, demand for her porn films has gone up manifold. I sell around 20 CDs and DVDs a day on an average. Priced at 70 each, they are `original` Sunny Leone movies.”

“In one, she is a pizza delivery girl and has her encounters during one such delivery. In another, she is a schoolteacher who has all sorts of orgies. Both are very popular,” added the vendor.

“There are many fake Sunny Leone DVDs doing the rounds. You will only get the original in my shop, that`s why the price is a little high – 120,” another vendor said to the daily.