Sunny Deol in red hot mood, sues the FM radio

In on-screen Sunny Deol may be a very tough man but off-screen, he is quite a calm person. When it comes to family matter, Sunny Deol does not tolerate any insult towards his family. But popular radio channel FM has done the mistake of insulting his family by spoofing his father Dharmendra and Sunny himself and now the channel has to face the consequence. Sunny has filed a defamation case of Rs 200 crores against the channel.
Sunny said, “This is a legal matter. However, nobody has approached so far.” About the big amount of Rs 200 crore, Sunny said, “Until and unless you do something big, nobody understands.” The legal notice asked the channel to off-air the show or else the Deol family would file civil as well as criminal defamation case.

"We will wait for a week and let us see how they react... if need arises, we won’t hesitate to file a criminal case along with civil suit for damages," said Ashok Sarogi, Sunny`s lawyer.

Talking about the offensive show, Sunny Deol said, "I and my family are terribly hurt....we have tolerated the programme for long but there is a limit to how much one can take." Elaborating, he said, “I am not against mimicry but when it becomes cheap, it is bad. I can’t even hear the programme. It provokes me. I get upset. After all, we are all human beings".

The actor maintains, “I never thought that it will go to such an extent. This step is out of compulsion. I want people to understand to not to play with somebody’s sentiments. There is a limit to everything. Don’t make things commercial and cheap. A personal censorship should be there.”