Watch Trailer: Sunny Deol's action in ‘Singh Saab The Great’

Remember Sunny Deol of ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’? Angry, energetic and destroying 1000 villains single handedly! Sunny Deol is back in a similar avatar with director of ‘Gadar’ Anil Sharma in ‘Singh Saab The Great’.

The title itself narrates half the story. Sunny Deol has joined the league of recent action heroes who entertain audience with their gravity defying stunts and their shocking action sequences. The trailer of ‘Singh Saab The Great’ begins with a bullet moving on a dusty road. The bullet comes to a halt and Sunny Deol gets down. He is wearing a yellow turban and is holding swords in both the hands. He delivers a speech. He tells people that Guru Gobind Singh has asked people not to suffer silently and to raise sword against injustice and sinners. And then he gestures that for him, his ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’ is enough. Suddenly he springs to action. While hitting sinners and villains, he grabs a root of banyan tree and un-roots it from the tree and starts hitting villains left and right. Even if the director of this movie was not known, this action sequence would certainly bring him recognition. In ‘Gadar’ Sunny had unearthed a hand pump to hit villains.

In the trailer, to give a mega image to his character, every word Sunny says, is made to echo. At the end, the horrifying eyes of the villain are shown. Since both Prakash Raj and Ravi Kishan are also acting in this movie, it could be of any one. But considering the fact that Prakash Raj has become the favorite villain of Bollywood, it could be very much him.

The other actor of the movie is Amrita Rao. At the launch of the trailer, she said that she is playing the role of a journalist. She also told that her role required her to learn eastern UP accent. She perfected the same with the help of workshops. She also said that media always reports about affairs and love stories, watch this movie to find out what a journalist does when she falls in love.

The music of the movie is composed by Anand Raj Anand. Even he was present at the launch of the trailer of the movie. The title song of the movie is sung by Sonu Nigam. The movie will be distributed by Eros International.

It will hit theaters on 22nd November 2013.