Sunil Shetty’s son to make acting debut

Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty feels pride to say that his son Ahan is all set to make acting debut. 15 years old Ahan is an aspiring actor and wanted to rule the world of Bollywood. The proud father speaks, "My son in an aspiring actor. He is working out hard and is into fitness. He is a good kid. He wants to do films. I'm more than happy for him to do films because it is the only place in which if you do things right, people will love you."

Apart from acting, Ahan has got an inherent talent in music. Reveals Suniel, "Ahan is also the lead singer and guitarist of a music band. They haven't named the band yet. Right now, he is singing and enjoying himself."

Suniel went on to add, "He plays a lot for charity. His band plays a lot at functions, schools and other charity events. He will soon be teaching music to children in NGOs. He will teach speech and hearing impaired children. I don't jam with him but I spend a lot of time listening to him. That encourages him a lot."

So, another star kid is in the making.