Sunil Grover never expected ‘Gutthi’ to be so big

Actor Sunil Grover who is best known for his character ‘Gutthi’ in comedy nights, said he never expected the character to be so big. Very soon, he will be launching his new serial called as ‘Mad In India’ and plays a character called ‘Chutki’. Sunil wishes ‘Chutki’ to become popular like ‘Gutthi’.

In an interview, Sunil said, “I want it to be as popular and that the audience should be able to connect with it. I never thought that Gutthi will become as big as it did.”

Sunil was earlier a part of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. But after he ran into a dispute with the producer over increment in his fees, he left the show. The producer of the show, Kapil Sharma himself tried to reconcile with Sunil as the show was getting a beating from falling TRP’s. But Sunil did not come back and instead ventured into making another show ‘Mad In India’.

Now Sunil does not want to look back. He just said that there were a lot of factors which clubbed together and ensured success for ‘Gutthi’. Talking about the factors, Sunil said, “Firstly the platform was very big, secondly the actor behind the character (was good).

Thirdly, I come from a small place and have seen how people were around me and I shared those experiences.”

According to Sunil, his new serial will be a complete package. ‘Mad In India’ will be aired from 16th February.

He added, “The show will have madness, happiness, smiles and a lot of fun. The audience will have a good time. I cannot reveal the format as of now, but we will be celebrating the madness in India.”

However, like Kapil, Sunil will not host the show. He will be a character in the show. The show will be hosted by Manish Paul.

Well, the show of Sunil will be aired on Star Plus on every Sunday at 9 pm. At same time Karan Johar’s ‘Kofee With Karan’ is also aired. So, when Sunil was asked about the overlap, he jovially said, “It’s okay. Viewers can watch Karan Johar’s show during the commercial breaks.”

Talking about the concept of the show, Sunil said, “The idea is to feature an assortment of comic talent, established and new. We’ve got relatively fresh comic actors like Rajbir and Suri alongside established names like Dolly Ahluwalia and Siddharth Jadhav.”