'India's Most Wanted' host Suhaib Ilyasi gets life term for killing wife

After 17 years, Suhaib Ilyasi got life imprisonment for murdering wife Anju. He was convicted by a Delhi sessions court on December 16. Suhaib was found guilty under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The order was passed by Additional Sessions Judge, SK Malhotra.

The court also imposed a fine of Rs 2 lakh and also ordered to pay Rs 10 lakh to Anju’s parents as compensation.

In January 2000, Anju was found dead in her East Delhi residence with multiple stab injuries. In his defend, Ilyasi told the police that his wife had committed suicide after a fight with him. Two months later after Anju’s death, Suhaib was arrested a case of dowry was registered against him. 

Ilyasi, who shot to fame with the crime show called India's Most Wanted was arrested on March 28, 2000 on murder charges after his sister-in-law and mother-in-law alleged that he used to torture his wife.

An autopsy report did not establish then if Anju was murdered or stabbed herself.

Previously, Ilyasi was charged under the milder Section 304 B (dowry death) and related charges of brutality to wife and destroying evidence. However, in August 2014 the Delhi High court had ruled that Ilyasi should be charged for murdering his wife.

Years later, Anju's mother Rukma Singh demanded that Suhaib Ilyasi should be tried for murder. The trial court disallowed the demand but the Delhi High Court ordered the east Delhi court in 2014 agreed to try him for murder as well.

Suhaib Ilyasi later launched a magazine, Bureaucracy Today, on civil servants and governance issues that was published from a mosque on Delhi's upscale Kasturba Gandhi Marg where his father was the top cleric.