Sudhir Mishra ready to bow before Kareena

Kareena Kapoor’s stupendous performance in her films has driven many filmmakers crazy and one among them is director Sudhir Mishra. Mishra ardently wants Kareena Kapoor in his film titled, ‘Dhruv’, a modern version of ‘Devdas’. He wants Kareena Kapoor to play the role of Paro. To get Kareena’s acceptance, Sudhir Mishra is even ready to go down Kareena’s knees.

Mishra initially wants Chitrangada Singh for the role but later he shifted his choice to Bebo because he feels that Kareena is best suited for the role. Confirming the news, Mishra said, “It works only with Kareena, no one else. I’m willing to go down on my knees to get her to do the film. But she can’t say no. It’s a role specially written for her,” says Mishra.

Kareena is not sure about signing the film because it’s a Farhan Akhtar production and named after his character in the film. “We call the film ‘Dhruv’, but her character Pooja is as important. ‘Devdas’ is now ‘Dhruv’ and Paro is Pooja. It’s now more like Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ than ‘Devdas’. I can’t imagine anyone but Kareena in the role,” adds Mishra.

Hope, Kareena accepts the role.