Subhash Ghai writing a special script for Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is making her comeback in films with Yash Raj’s film Aaja Nachle, the promos are already on air and the wonderful Mads looks as beautiful as ever. Madhuri has been away from the limelight for years now after she moved to the US with husband Sriram Nene. Mads has two adorable kids now and she is busy taking care of them. However acting has always been her first love and with her film releasing next month, she is equally excited as well as nervous to make a comeback once again. Madhuri will soon be down to promote her film Aaja Nachle.
Meanwhile even before her film has released, director Subhash Ghai is already writing a script especially for Madhuri. However Mads as she is fondly called is unaware of Subhashji penning a script for her. Subhash Ghai confirms that he is writing a script with Madhuri as the lead in the film, he says “yes, I am writing a film for Madhuri. The film will be a multi-starrer with Madhuri as the main lead. But I am still in the process of writing the script.” Currently Ghai is busy directing his film Yuvraj with Salman and Katrina, but he hopes to do the film with Madhuri after that. Ghai who has worked with Madhuri in several films like Ram Lakhan and Khalnayak earlier in her career is confident that Mads will accept his film. He says “I know that if I give her a good script she will do the film. Madhuri has always been a significant part of Mukta Arts.” Subhash Ghai feels that as an actress Madhuri’s talent can still be explored even further, he says “She’s a great actress, but her potential is yet to be seen. I will portray her true talent and charisma in this film.”

When Madhuri was in Mumbai shooting for Yash Raj film Aaja Nachle, Subhash Ghai met up with the actress and she even visited his Whistling Woods film school. Madhuri advised and interacted with students of the school, later she even planted a tree in her name on the campus. Ghai thinks that Madhuri is one of the most dignified actress’s in the film industry and he is happy that she is finally making her comeback in films.