Subhash Ghai's bash on wife's birthday

Subhash Ghai with Govinda and his wife


Govinda is trying to shape up his acting career once again. He is gyrating alongside pretty young things in the hope of regaining his ‘Hero No.1’ position. Hey if Amitabh, Salman, SRK can gyrate alongside young ones, so can our Chi Chi man.


Salman Khan


Salman looked smart and dashing as usual. Is it that glow on his face due to Katrina finally accepting his proposal? Sallu dear, by finally deciding to tie the knot we hope that it means you will act more mature in the future and not fight and beat others in public places.


Arbaaz Khan and Mallika Arora Khan


Fashionasta Malaika Arora Khan definitely looked like a queen in this golden dress; the only thing missing was her gold crown. As for husband Arbaaz Khan he’s fine with his 90’s style white jeans. Maybe Malaika can give him style tips and brother Sallu can give him acting tips to help him out.


Salman's father, Salim Khan


Check out father Salim Khan’s stylish earrings, so now we know where Salman gets his style quotient from. Salim Khan has two wives; hopefully Salman won’t decide to emulate this trait too.


Rishi Kapoor


Yesteryear superstar Rishi Kapoor did a couple of films recently, fortunately he wisely decided not to romance women his daughter’s age. Well Rishi we’re glad you realize the importance of playing your age, after all every one can’t be like Amitabh Bachchan.


Sridevi with husband Boney Kapoor


While Sridevi seems to be like a fine wine, growing more beautiful with age, we definitely can’t say the same about hubby Boney Kapoor. We’ve been hearing Sridevi is thinking of making a comeback, so will Boney direct his wife running around with the young guys? Well if older men can romance much younger women, why not our bollywood women. Go for it lady, is all we can say.