Subhash Ghai chooses Mishti over Katrina, Priyanka

Subhash Ghai launched Mahima Choudhry in ‘Pardes’ opposite Shahrukh Khan which went to become a blockbuster and now after 17 years, he has launched another new face Mishti in his upcoming film ‘Kaanchi’. The filmmaker during the launch of the film confessed that he was advised by his team to cast an established and successful actress like Katrina Kaif or Priyanka Chopra for ‘Kaanchi’ but he chose Misthi.

He says, “During ‘Kaanchi’, they told me to sign Katrina Kaif because we (Mukta Arts) have a 3-film deal with her. But she is very busy now and has no time. Why should I even waste my time giving her a call when I know she has no dates?”

“Then they said 'sign Priyanka', but I still refused as I wanted a new girl,” he further adds.

Subhash Ghai revealed that years back when he was to cast an actress for his film ‘Pardes’, his team then wanted him to cast Madhuri instead of Mahima in ‘Pardes’.

“When I was doing ‘Pardes’ with Mahima Choudhry, I remember my office colleagues telling me the film wouldn’t do well. Distributors wouldn't succeed either, they told me. I asked was it important to make them happy or make my film run?” says Ghai, adding that the director’s vision was most important.

Subhash Ghai also revealed his plan to work with Katrina Kaif again after 'Yuvvraaj', he confirms, "I have got three scripts ready. I am planning to do one film with Katrina Kaif."

The filmmaker has a great obsession for the ‘M’ work, he renamed Mahima Choudhry when he launched her in ‘Pardes’ and now he has renamed the female lead of ‘Kaanchi’ Indrani Chakraborty as ‘Misthi’. Speaking about this name change, Ghai said, “M factor is the mother. A woman is a mother. For me M doesn’t connote money or movie. During the screen test she told me her nickname is ‘Misti’ and it clicked.

“It is one Bengali word which can instantly connect with the Indian audiences and it gelled with my motto of alluding the M word with mother,” Ghai told PTI.

Even the actress is quite impressed by her new name. “I would not be known by any other name any more. I will be known as Misti only,” Indrani said.

Talking about ‘Kaanchi’, the actress said, “You can call it the saga of today’s women. Traditional and contemporary and yet independent minded.”

‘Kaanchi’ is all set to hit theatres on April 25.