Subhash Ghai accused of drugging and raping a woman

The #MeToo movement has gained momentum in India and the latest to be accused of sexual misconduct is ace filmmaker Subhash Ghai.

An anonymous woman shared her horrific experience while working with the filmmaker many years ago. She alleges Ghai of drugging and raping her.

She wrote, "In the beginning, he would take me to music recordings and I would have to sit there till very late at night with other male members. When recordings finished, I took an auto home or he would drop me. He slowly started putting his hand on my thigh, giving me a big hug saying that I did good that day."

She added that he would call her for script sessions at his apartment in Lokhandwala. This was not the house that he stayed with his wife. He called it his "thinking pad." "In one of the script sessions, he started talking about how misunderstood he was in the industry and only I was the one who loved him. He pretended to weep and put his head on lap. Then when he was getting up, he kissed me forcefully. I was shocked and left that day."

Next day, he said in office, that "lovers have tiffs". The woman adds that she was too scared to leave work, as she had no other job and other form of financial security.

One evening after music session, he decided to have a drink. "He gave me a drink as well. It was spiked. After that, I remember getting into a car and I thought that he was driving me home. He took me to a hotel. I was wobbly, but he held me and took me to the suite. He took off my jeans and mounted me. I was trying to scream, but he put his hand over my mouth. I cried and passed out."

The next day he dropped her home. "I took a few days off and I was told that I won't be paid, if I quit now."

The woman says that she has never seen or spoken to him after that.

However, Ghai has issued a statement denying the allegations.

"As I hear some allegation made against me...I state hereby to the best of my truth: It's very sad that it's becoming a fashion to malign anyone known bringing some stories from [the] past without any truth or half-truth if all [sic]."

"I deny strictly and firmly all false allegation[s] like these. I have always respected every woman in my life and at [the] workplace."

"If she claims this way [sic], she should go to [a] court of law and prove it. Justice will be done. Or I will go for defamation certainly."