Subhash Ghai’s Miraculous Marvels with ‘M’

Madhuri Dixit NeneDayavan, Saudaagar, Hero, Pardes. Did you spot any similarities in these movies? They are all associated with Subhash Ghai; they all star actresses in their debut roles and all four actresses share the letter ‘M’ as the beginning of their names.
Is it just a coincidence that Ghai launches
actresses whose names start with the letter ‘M’ in his movies or is he superstitious about ‘M’?

While Dayavan got Madhuri Dixit’s existence felt in bollywood, Saudaagar helped Manisha Koirala’s bag to flood with offers. Hero worked wonders for Meenakshi Seshadri as it was declared a huge hit at the box office. Mahima Chaudhary’s luck shined with Pardes being a super-hit. All these movies have given their actresses major recognition in some way or the other. Along with that, the movies worked well, unlike some of his other movies like Trimurti, Yaadein, which were disasters. Incidentally, the company for which Ghai makes films is called ‘Mukta Arts,’ whose name also begins with ‘M.’

Ghai’s next endeavor Kisna – The Warrior Poet stars two actresses, Antonia Bernath and Isha Sharvani in their debut roles. Surprisingly, none of them changed their names to match up with Ghai’s fondness of the letter ‘M.’ Sources say, “[Isha Sharvani] refused to change her name for Ghai.”

When asked why Ghai is superstitious about the letter ‘M’ for his actresses to an extent that he made two of the actresses, Shashikala Seshadri (Meenakshi Seshadri) and Ritu Chaudhary (Mahima Chaudhary) change their names when they starred in his films, he replies, “I’m not superstitious about the letter M at all. The girls you have mentioned wanted to change their names themselves. I didn’t have any problem with their names.” Hence, Isha’s name remains unchanged in Kisna.

Now the question is, with the absence of Ghai’s lucky mascot ‘M’ in the film, will Kisna be able to do wonders at the box office or will it leave the audience in disappointment?

Ghai is soon to find out whether he should be superstitious or not. The wait will be over on January 21st when Kisna hits theatres worldwide.