Stunning grand finale to Lakme Fashion Week

The Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festival came to an end with a stunning show. Designer Kallol Dutta and husband-wife duo of Pankaj and Nidhi were chosen by the organizers for the grand finale. And their showstopper was none other than the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor.

It was different this season as designers were not overshadowed by Bollywood. Their design and aesthetic were given more focus and importance.  May be that was the reason Kareena could not find many of her friends from Bollywood in the front row.

The show had a gala opening by Clint Fernandes, Lakme’s expert makeup artist. Lakme’s absolute monochrome range of makeup ruled this year’s ramp. Models turned up on the ramp with lavish eye makeup and nude as well as hot lips. It was high street fashion at its best.

In fact Kallol, who hails from Kolkata, was very excited when he was first approached for the same, "It's yet to sink in because as a young designer this is validation from Lakme and the industry. I look forward to collaborating with Lakme and their amazing high performance absolute make-up range in creating trends for the grand finale at Lakme Fashion Week."

Kallol had designed a long black and white jacket hanging over a black bustier and leggings for Kareena. After the end of the show Kallol who is known for his unconventional design sense, was visibly ecstatic with the warm response that his creations have received.

Pankaj-Nidhi who are known for the extensive use of color in their design, confessed it was a challenge with the monochrome theme. They said, "We've always used tons of color in our creations, so the monochrome palette was a new challenge. It's great to see how everyone loves this new side to us. Working on the grand finale with Kareena was a fantastic experience. We couldn't have asked for more." 

On the flip side, there were few problems with some shows overlapping due to delay. As such the attendees and media had to shuttle between the main area and the talent box. Some models also got themselves hurt due to the new outfits. To their chagrin they did not have a restroom to unwind either. They were seen attending to their wounds just outside the green room.  We surely hope that the organizers pay more attention to such details and make the event a roaring success.