Students damage Priyanka’s car

Overenthusiastic students of KC College damaged Priyanka Chopra’s white Mercedes while she came with Ranbir Kapoor to promote their new flick, ‘Anjaana Anjaani’.

A source stated “The car has got badly scratched on the sides. The bonnet is damaged too and there are several dents in the car. Even the paint has chipped off at many places. The Mercedes logo has been broken off as well.”

The students went crazy on seeing their hot and favorite actress at their college campus and to have a glimpse of Piggy Chops there was a huge rush and out of commotion, they went over her white Mercedes.

A source closed to Priyanka stated “She understands that her young fans didn’t do this intentionally. It was just a way of showing their love to her. Priyanka Chopra was little depressed as this car was gifted to her by her dad.