Strange! Katrina does not own a house in Mumbai

For most of the Bollywood celebrities, owning a house in Mumbai means comfort and convenience. A piece of pad which they can call as their own! Usually owning a house comes pretty early in the career of Bollywood stars. In such a scenario, it is quite strange that Bollywood diva and leading lady Katrina Kaif is yet to own a house. She is staying in a rented apartment in Bandra. Her peers like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are proud owners of posh apartments. What has kept Katrina from owning a house?

Katrina has been in the showbiz for almost a decade. A source close to her revealed that the actress has been hunting for a house for the last four years. Something or the other keeps her from owning the properties that she has surveyed till now. Some people say that Katrina is quite indecisive and that is why she has not been able to zero down on any property.

A source said, “She was allegedly keen on leasing out a Carter Road duplex belonging to a National Award-winning filmmaker but backed out after showing initial interest. She was said to have fallen in love with the place for its alluring view of the sea. But after a while, she simply changed her mind.”

The actress however, owns property in London, her home town. The source further revealed that the indecisiveness of the actress has been annoying people off late. The source said, “This habit seems to be irking those who have been helping her find her dream home.”

Another source further revealed that once Katrina left a property due to her superstitious beliefs. The source said, “We went to check out a property recently. Just as we were about to leave the elevator, she got an SMS informing her of the death of a celebrated actor. She immediately dropped the plan and left the place saying it was an inauspicious start to the day.”

On the other hand, Katrina’s spokesperson has a different story to tell. The spokesperson cited the busy schedule of the actress as the reason for not zeroing down on a property. The spokesperson said, “She has been very busy lately with her shoot schedules. That is one of the reasons why she has not been able to make up her mind yet.” 

Well, it is also known that none of Katrina’s movies are getting released in 2013. Still the actress is busy!