Steven Spielberg to shoot a movie in Kashmir

The famous Oscar winning Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg has announced that he has planned to make a film that will be partly shot in Kashmir. He has said that he will be producing that film and some of the scenes of the film are going to be shot in the border areas or the most disputed areas of Kashmir. This is a major decision that has been announced by the director. He has said that the script of the film has already been finalized. The process to finalize the cast as well as the director of the film is still on the go. He was recently in India for a promotional venture for his film ‘Lincoln’, which had won an Oscar for the best actor. During his visit he has made this announcement.

Steven Spielberg has been a renowned director who has more than 50 films to his credit in his golden career. His long career of 40 years has not only won him immense respect, but also has brought forth several awards and accolades. His latest film was ‘Lincoln’. It had been nominated for 12 categories in the Oscar’s this year. It won two Oscars. While his visit to India, he had spoken to the Times of India paper about his next big project. He has said that this film will be co-produced by DreamWorks studio, which has its own production house along with Reliance Entertainment that is based in Mumbai.

Although the script of the film has been finalized, look outs are still going on for shooting locations, the entire cast and crew as well as the director. Spielberg has decided that the part of the film will be shot in Kashmir and will take place on the junction of the India-Pakistan border. On his visit to India, the 66 year director went to a party that was organized by Anil Ambani. At the party, he met several well known figures from Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan and others. The experience was so good for Amitabh Bachchan that he even tweeted about it later on. He mentioned that it was a ‘scintillating’ evening with the great director.

On this occasion, Spielberg had also made another announcement. It is about his mini-Television show on Napoleon, which he is planning to start very soon. This is a historic project that was penned by the famous Stanley Kubrick. It was discarded for reasons unknown and now will be taken up by Spielberg.