Stay Order for Aryan-The Unbreakable

The film Aryan-The Unbreakable has been having a bad spell. The film has been continuously delayed for one reason or the other. The film stars Sohail Khan and Ash look alike Sneha Ullal. The film has been produced by Vipin Anand and Poonam Khubani. The story revolves around the life of a boxer written and directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The music and lyrics have been done by Anand Raj Anand. Recently singer Neha Bhasin who was not credited in the film for a song filed a case against the film and a stay order was put on Aryan.
Singer Neha Bhasin of Viva Band fame claims that she did not receive any financial remuneration for the song ‘Ek Look Ek Look’ in the film Aryan and also she was given the secondary status of back up vocals, when in fact she was the lead singer. Neha was also extremely upset when her work was passed off as the work done by another artiste. It was producer Poonam Khubani who received the credit of lead singer for this particular song. Neha went ahead and filed a case. The Delhi high court has sanctioned a stay order on the film Aryan-The Unbreakable. Says Neha “I filed a case in the Delhi High Court around February and a legal notice was sent to Anand Raj Anand on 14 February. I was initially skeptical about the court case but never did I lose faith in the judicial system as I had proof with me.”

According to some reports the Delhi High Court has also restrained the producers of Aryan from promoting the film and its music without giving Neha due credit as the lead singer. However executive producer of the film, Sujit Shetty claims that the stay order has been imposed on the song ‘Ek Look Ek Look’ and not on the film. Shetty says “The situation has been misquoted by certain media. The stay order is not on the film but on the song that is in controversy. The issue is between music director of the movie, Anand Raj Anand and singer Neha Bhasin.” Shetty claims that the film makers and producers have nothing to do with the case and have removed the song from the film as per instructions from the High Court. He further adds that the film will release as earlier planned in May.

Neha is relieved that she has managed to get justice, she says “I ‘m sure this kind of injustice is rampant in the music industry today, but no one goes to court. I just have been lucky.” This issue will give all those people in bollywood whose work has been plagiarized or copied some hope of justice, be it in music compositions, story line or even scripts. Here’s one for the up keeping of justice.