Stars & style: Our preening screen heroes

John AbrahamYou’d expect most of Bollywood’s dreamboats to let their designers decide what looks cool for them. Beyond the arclights, our heroes flaunt brands and jewellery, and go for elaborate pedicure/manicure sessions...
...Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty and John Abraham don’t mind going that extra yard to look hunky off-screen. Says Suniel: “I enjoy wearing jewellery (sometimes for good luck). I’m brand conscious and always wear Armani perfume.”

Akshay admits that nothing gives him “greater joy” than dressing well: “I take pains about the way I dress because I’m a filmstar. I pick most of the stuff I wear from New York and London. I go for most big brands but I have no favourites. It all depends on what captures my fancy when I’m shopping.”

Bobby Deol says he’s particular about the way I looks: “I’m obsessed with shades and at last count I had about 30 of them. I also like flaunting trendy watches and pick up most of my clothes from London and New York. In fact my brother Sunny often lets me pick up shades and watches for him.” John Abraham may be most comfortable in “basic jeans and tees” but he adds: “Nothing works for me more than form-fitting jeans and Calvin Klein perfume for men.”

Most of them also go for pedicure/manicure and hair massage, and have personal trainers. And you thought reel heroes depended only on their stylists?

Brand Addicts

John Abraham: Diesel & Wrangler jeans, Calvin Klein perfume
Sanjay Dutt: Harley Davidson jackets, Diesel jeans
Bobby Deol: Paloma Picasso perfume
Suniel Shetty: Armani, Banana Republic, DKNY & Mischief