Stars flaunt hot body in shorts

It is summer time once again and the heat is doing wonderful things. For instance the Bollywood beauties have decided to shed their clothes and the hunt for comfort in summer has led to the revival of hot pants this season.

Alia Bhatt

It seems Alia is the one most affected by the heat. She was recently seen in minimalist dress. She wore a blue transparent dress that even made her push up bras visible. The super short denim pant added to her sex quotient. Amazingly however the innocent smile on her face didn’t look out of place. Kudos to her for confidently carrying out the daring fashion statement with élan.

Anushka Sharma

It was the inauguration of the first issue of the Women’s Health magazine. The cover girl of the magazine, Anushka Sharma was present at the event. She was spotted wearing a white short and stylish sleeveless white jacket.

Neha Sharma

Neha was promoting her movie wearing a big green t-shirt and a short yellow pant. She looked comfortable and in a jovial mood. We sure hope we see her more in such short dresses. It seems likely too, as many more days of summer still remain.  

Deepika Padukone

Recent photos of Deepika surfaced showing her wearing semi transparent blue top that hints at her under garments. The stylish white coat and the short denim pant added to her curvaceous body. She also wore a chic pendant that highlighted her style statement. Deepika sure knows her style and carries it with ease.

Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan was seen wearing a short pant with floral prints, during the screening of a movie. More than sexy, she looked comfortable in the dress. Though the violet top had a deep cut that showcased enough cleavage, it fails to turn up the heat quotient. We hope Jiah runs a fashion check of her wardrobe and gets something that enhances her beauty.

Veena Malik

If flaunting the body is concerned, can Veena Malik be behind! Veena has a well endowed body with perfect curves and this might be the reason for her showcasing them every now and then. She is seen wearing a mini red dress that increased the heat quotient by several notches. The designer belt also enhanced her appearance and made a strong style statement.

It seems summer does have its advantages for the fans of the Bollywood beauties.
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anushka sharma
deepika padukone
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