Stars at Tahaan Movie Premiere

Piggy Chops at Tahaan Movie Premiere


It was definitely a surprise to see Priyanka Chopra attending the premiere of Tahaan. So is Priyanka using the premiere as an opportunity to promote herself after her last few flops or is she promoting Tahaan? Priyanka is not part of the film, but hey maybe now that she has tasted the bitter pill of flops, she finally understands the hard work that goes into making a film and hence was there to genuinely lend support to the film. Is Priyanka getting socially conscious?


Priyanka Chopra in black and yellow dress


Priyanka Chopra looked quite hot in a short, yellow bustier dress. The actress seems to be in great shape and can definitely give her gal pals, Kareena, Katrina, Bipasha some tough competition. Priyanka plays the unique role of a bodyguard in her forthcoming film Drona. So Priyanka will you be standing on the sidelines, without uttering a single word in the film, like bodyguards generally do? We hope not.


Shahid Kapur at Tahaan Movie Premiere


Shahid Kapur too attended the premiere of Tahaan. It seems like a lot of our stars came to show their support for the film, we wonder why, especially since there are no big names in the film. Why blame us darlings for being suspicious, as in bollywood nobody does anything without an ulterior motive, so what was yours Shahid? Did Shahid chat with Priyanka, about their ex-common friend, Kareena Kapoor?


Rahul Khanna at Tahan Premiere


Rahul Khanna, where has the man been? It seems like Rahul has been completely over shadowed by his brother Akshaye Khanna in the film industry. Don't be disheartened Rahul, if bollywood has not welcomed you with open arms. You could just write a script, act and direct a film for yourself as that's the latest trend in bollywood these days.


Rahul Bose at his movie Tahaan's Premiere


Rahul Bose who is also part of the film Tahaan was seen attending the premiere. Rahul may not have sizzling good looks and a sculpted body, but he definitely is a fine actor, something that is rarely appreciated in bollywood. Rahul is not associated with too many controversies nor is he linked to all his co-stars and that's probably why big banners don't appraoch him to do their films.