Star fads, good & bad

Priyanka ChopraDriven by insecurities, hectic work schedules and superstitions, Bollywood's biggest head-turners cling to interesting fads for material comfort and mental peace. From wearing stones, to visiting temples before or after a crucial assignment, to carrying mobile...
...treadmills, to trekking, to de-stressing in roof-top jacuzzis and sleeping on the floor for religious reasons, starry habits always manage to fascinate the fans.

Sometimes spiritual beliefs and superstitions guide them. That soap sultana Ekta Kapoor consults celebrity numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani before she starts a project is known. Very few know that she doesn't step out unless she does a puja and seldom wears anything but black and white.

Akshay Kumar visits Vaishno Devi at least twice a year. "I eat vegetarian food during Navratras. If God has given me something I should be able to express my gratitude also," reasons the action star.

Ajay Devgan had his kitchen basin shifted because Vaastu Shastra demanded it. "I visit Ajmer Sharief at least once a year. I never shave before a major release. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

Actor, restaurateur and businessman Suniel Shetty likes wearing rings for peace and happiness. "I don't take off my rings even when I am taking a bath. I also believe in numerology: Ever since I changed the spellings of my name, things have begun to look up!"

Numerology has also worked for television stars Amarr Upadhay, Saakshi Tanwar, Smriti Z Irani and Shweta Kawatra. For Smriti, changing her maiden surname ensured her political ascent, while Amarr maintains that the second was instrumental in his "success."

Amitabh Bachchan makes sure that he has a laptop and mobile treadmill with him whenever he's travelling.

Hrithik Roshan never steps out of home without "working out at least one hour every day."

Jackie Shroff surfs the Net every day before going to bed.

Lara Dutta goes trekking "once a year to unwind."

Shankar Mahadevan wouldn't even dream of doing a show without a puja or riyaaz for at least two hours.

Unless Tusshar Kapoor watches a film on his DVD he can't sleep!

Tabu calls her friends every night after coming home from work.

And Manoj Bajpai likes reading a book before hits the sack. But then, unlike regular people, celebrities are allowed to be a little different. Because they aren't part of the crowd anyway

Sushmita Sen, who always travels with her books, has a rooftop jacuzzi in her penthouse apartment where she reportedly takes a bath very late in the night to avoid prying eyes.

Priyanka Chopra works seven days a week but goes off to Rishikesh during the Navratras twice a year and switches off her mobile phone.

Amisha Patel is obsessed with accessories. She picks up designer bags, belts and caps whenever she travels abroad. "I have a cupboard full of DKNY, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. In fact, I never repeat my accessories in films or in real life."

For 40 days every year, Sabarimala devotee Vivek Oberoi sleeps on the floor, sports black clothes and gives up smoking and drinking.

Shilpa Shetty wears stones and rings that mom Sunanda recommends. "I never leave home without them."