Sssshhhh… is to hit the theatres this week! It marks the debut of spunky Tanisha, Kajol’s l’il sis! But the film stands to be equally important to Dino Morea who hasn’t exactly had a hit since Raaz. Guess he firmly believes in the adage “slow and steady wins the race.” Besides working out a career strategy, Dino is also trying his luck as a businessman and restaurateur. He along with his elder brother Nicolo has just launched a hotel Crepe Station in Bandra, Mumbai’s distant surburb. Dino also launched an inn in the heart of the city too. Meanwhile the actor is all braced for the release of Ssssshhhh…! Obviously hoping for it to fetch a positive response. But with four films releasing on the same day, will this Pawan Kaul caper stand out?...[continued]
So is Sssshhh… a murder mystery a la Hollywood flick Scream? “The basic premise of Ssshhhh… revolves around these seven friends who one day to go on a picnic to Poda island. One of them happens to spot the killer. But before he can warn his other friends, he is killed. The killer is a psychopath killing the friends one by one. How the psychopath gets nabbed and the murders solved is the crux of the story,” informs Dino. How was it working with debutant director Pawan Kaul? “Great! Having worked as a technician earlier, he was well versed with different aspects of filmmaking. Pawan Kaul is extremely hard working director. He knew what he wanted and also how to extract it out of you. One thing I would like to mention here that Pawan shot and edited the film at the same time. I guess that’s where his work stands out!”

It was while shooting for this film that Dino had met with a serious accident. Recalling the incident Dino says, “I had experienced death at that point of time, seriously. For a second I did not know what had happened. The truck coming from the opposite direction just rammed into us. Pawan hurt his elbow. Tanisha got a deep gash under her eyebrow. In fact she had practically become numb. Tanisha was in bed for over a month because of the accident. I received seven stitches. I was immediately rushed to Delhi and admitted in the hospital there. My grateful to my family and close friends like Bipasha and John for air dashing to Delhi immediately and being besides me during my hour of need. I will never be able to forget this incident!”

Was he satisfied with the final product? “Of course! Sssshhh… has shaped out to be a good film. The final result lies in the audience’s hands. See, the film is sans big stars so the audience will step into the theatre expecting nothing out of it. But once they watch the film they will step out of the theatres satisfied. Ssshhh… will be their money’s worth!”

What other films does he have on hand? “I’m being particular about the kind of projects I take up. Currently I’m just working on Chhal—The Game Of Death, Ishq Hua Tumse, Insaaf—The Justice, Dhaar—The Edge and Plan. My roles in these films are different. In Plan I play a struggling actor. I have also signed Mahesh Manjrekar’s Rath with Sanjay Dutt. It will also have one more actor in it. Rath has me as wife beater. I’m excited about the role because I have never played this kind of a role before.”

Younger brother Santino was also to make debut in films. So would there be competition at home? “Hey there is not going to be any sibling rivalry here! Santino I care for. I have to guide him and be there besides him so that he does not land up making the mistake that I did when I was struggling to make in this profession. Santino’s looks are his strongest assets. Amongst us three brothers Santino is most good looking. I pray that he reaches greater height than me.”