SRK’s ‘Raees’ in controversy for hurting religious sentiments

The recently launched trailer of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘Raees’ has rubbed the Shia Muslim community the wrong way. A particular scene depicting Muharram procession has hurt the members of the community who have filed an online petition demanding deletion of the scene and an apology from Shah Rukh, who is also the co-producer of the film. The petition will be further sent to the Indian Government, censor board and all Shia forums across the country.

A scene in the trailer which seems to be a chase sequence, shows Shah Rukh in a black garb jumping over a Muharram procession carrying alam mubarak (religious flag), which according to Shia theology is considered as disrespect.

“We have requested the makers of the film to delete the scene from ‘Raees’ as it will hurt the religious sentiments of lakhs of Shias who reside in India. It is a pity that the scene was shot without anybody noticing the flaws in it. Alam is scared for Shias and jumping over it is considered highly disrespectful. While we are hopeful that the needed changes will be made, we are waiting for an official statement from them,” Maulana Yasoob Abbas, spokesperson of All India Shia Personal Law Board, told a publication from Lucknow.

Javed R Shroff, secretary of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee and former Chairman of the Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation, said that he has requested Opposition Leader in Parliament Gulam Nabi Azad, and Members of Parliament Ahmad Patel and Rajiv Shukla who is on personal good terms with the actor, to resolve the issue amicably. He added that he has also approached the Mumbai Police to make them aware of the request from Indian Shia Muslims.

Javed Shroff told that with the help of the MPs, the makers of ‘Raees’ were approached, who have shown interest in doing the needful. “It is a matter of Shia-ism and faith and Shah Rukh Khan has assured that he will look into this and make sure that whatever is objectionable is deleted from the film,” he said.

However, the ‘Raees’ team has not yet officially announced the changes made in the film and so the Shia community is still concerned, the report stated.