SRK to resume shooting from March 19

King Khan who is resting at home following shoulder surgery will get back to work very soon. If sources are to be believed, he will resume shooting from March 19 with Karan Johar’s film, 'My Name Is Khan' opposite versatile Kajol. Since Shahrukh Khan has undergone surgery very recently, he will not risk his health and will shoot scenes that requires no stress and strain. He will shoot the light moments and will keep the fight sequences for the later.

Karan Johar answered in a diplomatic way when questioned on Shahrukh's return, he said, “All I’ll say is SRK’s health is of utmost importance. Films will come and go. He needs to be well.”

‘My Name Is Khan’ is a joint project of Shahrukh and Karan. “I tend to go a bit crazy with money. SRK is an active producer. It’s an important film for both me and SRK. Again, it’s an emotional bonding. This was a film I wanted to make with and for SRK. I want it to be an endeavor that should take both of us forward together", said Karan Johar.

'My Name Is Khan' is a much awaited film of the year as after a long time SRK and Kajol's pair will ablaze the silver screen.