SRK: Tandoori and Pepsi

Shahrukh KhanShah Rukh Khan's huge appetite for life is not reflected in his appetite for food. Far from being a foodie, Shah Rukh Khan has the 'sab chalta hai' attitude towards food. However, he enjoys an ice-cold Pepsi with his meal and a cigarette later on. The only food that he is partial to is...
...tandoori chicken and chicken tikka. The otherwise voluble Khan talks succinctly about food.

Thought for food

I am a pure non-vegetarian, I avoid eating vegetables.

For breakfast, I have a glass of orange juice and a vitamin tablet.

For lunch, I have a tandoori chicken. When I am shooting, sometimes my wife Gauri packs bean sprouts for me.

For dinner, I eat Tandoori chicken with a tandoori roti or a naan.
By the time I reach home, my kids have already had their dinner, but my son joins me for a bite.

After dinner, I have black coffee.

I am not very fond of junk food or desserts. I indulge in ice-creams and chocolates once in a blue moon. I don't eat fruits or salads. I don't have good food habits.

I like chewing gum.

I eat in between smoking. I smoke constantly.

My favourite beverage is black coffee.

I would rather have a Pepsi than any other juice.

I don't drink alcohol. But once in a while, I have a Bacardi with Pepsi.

I keep myself fit by thinking positively.

My cooking is restricted to boiling an egg. I ahve an egg when I am exercising, which is once in a way. I have only the whites of the egg.

Once I tried to cook an egg dish for my kids, but we ended up painting the eggshells.

Both Gauri and I are not foodies. Gauri eats a lot of healthy food like dals and chicken.

Gauri doesn't cook, but I think she can get by. She can make a very good dessert. She makes this ice-cream thing with some digestive biscuits.

I think the vegetable I resemble the most is bitter gourd.

My favourite restaurant is the Shamiana at the Taj. I also frequented Leela when I had to bide time for a flight.

When I go out to a Chinese or Italian restaurant, my friends order for me, the standing instructions are something similar to tandoori chicken.

I frequented restaurants only after I became a star. Recently, I have been eating at Indigo and Olive.

I go where my friends take me when we go to restaurants abroad.
Ideally, I would rather go for a movie and munch popcorn.

My idea of a romantic meal is a McDonald burger, a Pepsi and a good movie to watch on the DVD.

Shah Rukh's Favourite Recipe(guess what): Tandoori Chicken.

1 kg broiler chicken
Juice of one lemon
Salt to taste 200 gms (thick) curds
2 tsp red chilli powder
1tsp garam masala powder
2tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cummin seed powder
11/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
Few drops of orange colour 3 tbsp oil


Cut the chicken into 4 to 5 pieces. Clean and wash the chicken.Make incisions in the chicken. Smear lemon juice and some salt on the chicken pieces. Keep aside for about 20 minutes. Tie the curds in a muslin cloth for some time, to remove the excess water. In a bowl, mix curds with red chilly powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder, cumin seed powder, ginger-garlic paste, salt to taste and few drops of orange colour, till you get the desired shade. Marinate the chicken pieces in the curd mixture, for 3 to 4 hours.
Grill in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree C. After 20 minutes brush a little oil over the chicken. When you feel one side is fairly done turn the piece over. Once again, brush a little oil on the chicken and cook till the chicken is tender and fairly dry. Prick a knife to see if the chicken is done. Serve with onion kachumbar, lemon wedges and green chutny.